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Sand filter

Písková filtraceis used for capturing the contamination by using silica sand which puts up a natural resistance to passing water and captures the most of contamination in gaps. Clear water flows back into swimming pool. Filter units are classified mostly by theirs output. Output is determined by amount of water filtered in 1 hour. Minimal filtration units are about 4m3/hour (for capacity of swimming pool up to 15m3), then 6m3/hour (for capacity of swimming pool up to 15m3), 9m3/hour (for capacity of swimming pool up to 60m3)



ChemieIn our offer you can find all needed chemicals for swimming pool water treatment - for prevention against algae, for disinfection, for pH water treatment, for removing of surface impurities, for flocking, for winter - housing , for removing of lime sediments etc.



SvětlaUnderwater lamp and enlightenment of your swimming pool in the garden is very impressive thing. Comfort and gathering with flashing reflections in the evening hours will fascinate you and you can relax. It can be equip with coloured screen, stainless frame or LED.


Ladders, entry steps

Žebříky, schůdky Ladders are intended for ground built - in swimming pools. There are manufactured from polished stainless steel. Steps are equipped by anti-skid wear layer. Entry steps are intended for above ground swimming pools and for partly built - in swimming pools. They are manufactured from polished stainless steel or from electroplated steel with white polypropylene steps.



OhřevSwimming pool water can be heated by several ways: using electric flow-heater, exchanger, heat pump or solar flow-heater. We are able to deliver all these components to any type of swimming pool.



ProtiproudContraflow equipment is useful for all who has a small swimming pool. e.g. for reason of lack of space. List of contraflows which we have in our offer provides more than enough moving possibilities by contraflow output. Contraflow will be appreciated also by sports swimmers.



ČističeSemi-automatic cleaners are built from single pool cleaner connected to the skimmer or to the special inlet nozzle through the hose-pipe. These pool cleaners are moving automatically along the bottom whilst the filter unit is on. Some types move also along the wall. Automatic pool cleaners are provided mostly on trolleys on which is also placed the central unit of the pool cleaner. It is connected with the robot by cable of appropriate length. The better models have programmable size of swimming pool, shape and required time of cleaning. Automatics moves along the bottom of swimming pool based on a program and most of them can clean also walls and water line on the wall.


Solar and cover sheets

Solární a krycí plachty<We provide cover sheets for winter which are used for water protection against mechanical fall-out, thirsty insects and falling the frogs. Solar cover sheets floats on the water surface by all their square measure and for better handling they can be fixed by winding unit placed above the swimming pool.



Dlažby Swimming pool marginal pavement is created from sandstone imitation. This material has sufficient tensile strength and resistance. Material is slip-resistant and pleasant to touch. It is possible to install it with the most of currently produced swimming pool shapes - rectangle, circle, oval, kidney shaped or stairway. You can choose from many colours.


Solar showers

Solární sprchySolar shower is used for heating the water before you have a shower before going into swimming pool or out of swimming pool after bath or at warm weather. Function of solar shower is the same as function of common shower only with exception that solar shower is connected only to cold water which is heated by solar energy in shower reservoir.


... more accessories

... další příslušenstvíe.g. hand-held pool cleaners, nets, chlorinator units, brushes, thermometers etc.