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PRICE: 5.800 €

Thanks to its excellent interior design, this allows convenient use of the whirlpool for a total of 5 persons. 4 seats for seated persons and a bed. Bed section focuses on the complex, including massage your body. inside of the lower limbs. Parts for hydro-sitting are designed for use with 3 different massages. At the same time you see this whirlpool provides a unique opportunity for intensive massage feet and calves. Moreover, there is an underwater spotlight, which add to your evening stay in the jacuzzi romantic atmosphere. Here you can even add music to listen to relaxing and pleasant aroma accompanying microbublinek million ... It's all part of this whirlpool bath equipment. And that's not all. What would you say to watching your favorite movie, sporting event or concert recording of your favorite musical group? Of course, in a whirlpool bath Aphrodite.The equipment includes 15-inch LCD screen.

Parameters and Equipment:
  • Size 228 x 228 cm
  • height 92 cm
  • water content 1500 l
  • the number of people to sit 5
  • 1 x bed, underwater lighting reflector
  • hydro
  • DVD player (radio, CD, DVD, MP3, USB)
  • with electronic control control panel and time-temperature indicator
  • soft naturally shaped headrest
  • heating 3 kW
  • 2 x Cartridge filter panels in imitation of wood
  • construction panels dark gray
  • white marble tub design

This whirlpool bath isn't determined for commercial use.