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Biological filter


1. Usage

Plastic biological earth filters are used as secondary treatment of waste water behind preparatory water treatment objects, as sedimentation tanks and septic tanks. Filter can be used only for waste water from house (kitchen, bathroom, WC). Rainwater, subsoil water, drainage water are not led into the septic tank. Biological earth filters are intended to be situated out of way.

2. Technological solution

Precleaned water is led by intake conduit and drainage network into the space of drainage network filling. Water flows gravitationally through the filtration filling formed by screened concreting sand D4 - D8 mm and there is laid a bleeder pipe onto two tanks. Bleeder pipe leads "filtered water" into ventilating shaft, shaft for water sampling. From shaft flows the water gravitationally into the outfall conduit. In case of impossibility of gravitationally leading the water from the shaft use a sludge pump which repump the water into the higher positioned outfall conduit.
When pump sump is out of water pump is turned off by floating switch. If there is malfunction occurred on the pump this state is indicated by floating switch to place of operating staff. Clogging of filter filling depends on the real load of preparatory water treatment object and on the waste water volume. Expected service life of filling is 20 - 30 years.

3. Installation

Preparing of foundation pit, surface for placing of the septic tank has to be at least about 400 mm bigger than size of the tank.on each side . Depth of placing of earth filter depends on construction project and on location of intake conduit and outfall conduit.
Basement slab, there is not needed basement slab to earth filter. The plastic bottom of the tank will be placed on a planed bottom of the pit free of rocks. If necessary geotextile fabric will be laid under the plastic bottom. In case of subsoil water presence it is necessary to arrange the subsoil water level is below the basement slab level (drain away) during development.
Placing of earth filter, septic tank will be placed on the basement slab and intake and outfall conduit will be connected. earth filter tank is evenly filled by filling material. And the tank surrounding space is filled in the same time in order to avoid an excessive deformation of tank. After topping by filtration material tank will be covered by PVC foil.