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02.05.2011 Biological earth filter - BEF

Plastic biological earth filters are used as secondary treatment of waste water behind preparatory water treatment objects, as sedimentation tanks - septic tanks. Filter can be used only for waste water from house (kitchen, bathroom, WC). Rainwater, subsoil water, drainage water are not led in.

02.05.2011 Bridge for dogs

We produce simple facility for dogs and other pets which would have access to the swimming pool for their easy entrance way out from water.

02.05.2011 Heat pumps

Winner of the summer season seems to be specially developed heat pumps for swimming pool heating. Pumps works on the principal air-water. Easy installation, reasonable priced, sufficient power and high efficiency. These modern, ecological, technically well sophisticated equipments with long time of service life reliably warms the water in your swimming pool with minimal operating costs regardless to weather which extend swimming season since spring till autumn. Heat pumps are intended for all-size swimming pools especially for in-door swimming pools.

02.05.2011 Salty water in swimming pool

Saltwater generators represent a very comfortable way of water treatment. They work on electrolysis principle. Salt is dissolved in swimming pool water in 0,35% concentration what is half saltness of your tear. This sea water solution doesn\'t cause any adverse or allergic reaction but on the contrary has positive effect to skin as well as sea water. The system is most friendly to human organism and has positive effect to the human skin.


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