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Montujeme s 10% DPH

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Lotus Green


PRICE: 4.300 €

Whirlpool Lotus with its internal structure is the maximum use of space for relaxation. Whirlpool is designed so that it will offer maximum space for your bath as well as provide you with enough shelf space. This swap is embedded directly into the whirlpool itself. For drinks and snacks so you do not have anywhere to go - just reach your hand in your whirlpool tub. In this whirlpool tub, you can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience in many ways to relax.


  • Dimensions - 2000 x 2000 x 830 mm
  • 230/380V, 110 - 120 V AC or 220 - 240V AC
  • Number of seats / chair / chairs - 6 / 5 / 1
  • Instantaneous water heater 1x3KW
  • Ozonizér 1 x 600 / h
  • 2 pcs Cartridge filters
  • temperature control, preheating, setting, LCD contrast
  • time / clock, automatic filtration / sanitation, control volume
  • underwater light / ozone
  • frost protection
  • automatically save all data into memory during system shutdown
  • setting the temperature in degrees F / ° C
  • the lock buttons

This whirlpool bath isn't determined for commercial use.