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Installation of septic tank (sump)


Situation of septic tank

Septic tanks are intended to be situated out of way. Cover of septic tank allows an accidental tread of adult. Situation of septic tank has to allow a periodic exhaustion by sludge removal truck. In case of location of septic tank in pedestrian zone it is more suitable to create haunching of access shaft including the cast iron shaft cover with the frame.

Preparing of foundation pit

Surface for placing of septic tank has to be at least about 250 mm bigger than size of the septic tank on each side.

Depth of placing of septic tank depends on construction project and on location of intake conduit and outfall conduit. By default are septic tanks provided with access shaft hight 500 mm above the tank cover. In case of deeper placing it is necessary to increase the overall hight of tank. The depth of the foundation pit is sum of overall hight of septic tank up to access cover and thickness of the basement slab.

Basement slab

Septic tank is placed horizontally on floated concrete slab or concrete panel with recommended thickness about 200 mm. In case of subsoil water presence it is necessary to arrange the subsoil water level is below the basement slab level (drain away). Building design will be established by building specialist in case of subsoil water presence e.g. using ferro-concrete slab or increasing the basement slab. Surface of basement slab has to be horizontal with flatness tolerance +/- 3 mm, smooth and without earth soil, broken stones and any other objects.

Placing of septic tank

Septic tank will be placed on the basement slab and intake and outfall conduit will be connected. There will be created haunching around the tank up to hight of overall septic tank with dry concrete mixture with low cement content. All these operations is necessary to do during synchronous filling all chambers by water.

Tank has to stay filled by water at least 10 days after concreting and packing by earth for reason of hardening.